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How Thoughts and Vibration Effects Everything You Experience

Thoughts are the building blocks of your experience in everything in life.

What you think you feel, what you feel you vibrate and what you vibrate out you attract into your experience.

This law goes for everything in the physical world. Therefore it makes sense to learn how work with the laws to create the life you love. Who doesn’t love a life filled with happiness, health, wealth and ideal fitness?

You experience what you vibrate.

You have a vibrational relationship with everyone and everything; this includes your body, exercise, food, and health.

You know how your relationship to certain people, places, even songs or movies make you feel a certain way. You naturally aim to choose what makes you feel the best.

The key is to focus on a way that makes you feel great about the many areas related to your health and fitness.

You’ll feel all warm and fuzzy about it, like you do your favorite meal.

For me training makes me feel excited, happy, light and bright. I appreciate it and look forward to it.

Your vibration affects your results directly in all areas. This is why people receive various outcomes from following similar programs and meal plans.

Some people naturally have a great relationship with their body and food and therefore can eat what they want and stay fit while others eat restrictive diets and still don’t achieve what they want.

All champion athletes vibrate at a champion level related to their given sports. They have a strong relationship with it.

Your thoughts, desires, beliefs, actions, and overall vibration have the greatest impact on your success in everything, especially fitness.

Because your vibration attracts what you experience.

We will discuss how to adjust these factors to improve your results in fitness and life. See you in the next section on training:

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