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Thoughts & Beliefs in Training

The body was built for movement. Look at the perfection of our joints, limbs and body overall. We are miracles of creation.

What better way to celebrate this miracle than to use it in a way that you enjoy and that enhances your health, happiness, fitness and well being. Plus make you look and feel better.

We discussed how the law of attraction and your vibration dictate your results in fitness. Now we will cover key factors that affect your vibration regarding training.

First, are your thoughts. What type of thoughts do you have when you think about exercise? Are they thoughts that feel good to you and cause excitement and positive anticipation or are they thoughts that feel bad and bring about feelings of resentment, guilt or dissatisfaction?

It’s important to use thoughts that make you feel good about exercise.

When you feel good about training then you will reap the best results, stay consistent and enjoy the journey.

Second, are your beliefs about exercise. What do you believe? Do you believe that training is fun and rewarding or do you believe that exercise is a chore and that you only do it so you can avoid sickness?

Take the time to examine your beliefs and choose to believe thoughts that give you power and make you feel good.

Beliefs are nothing more than thoughts that you keep thinking. Beliefs are neither true nor false. What you believe is true for you and what others believe is true for them.

Plus, here’s the golden nugget, you can change your thoughts and there for you can change your belief, which means you are free to choose what is true for you.

Isn’t that great!!

When it comes to your training program you must believe you can do it, believe that it’s worth it and believe it will work.

We will cover these items in the next entry.

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