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Thoughts & Beliefs in Training Pt 2

Belief In Your Training

In the last section we talked about how important thoughts and beliefs are when it comes to the results that you get from your training now let’s get a little more specific.

First you must believe you can do the program. You need to be able to see yourself actually doing the Program. Do you believe you can do it? If you already believe that you are in a very good place, if you don’t believe then it is paramount to shift your beliefs before you start the program. Otherwise you’ll will begin the program and quickly throw up your arms because you don’t believe you will follow through.

Here are a couple quick tips to get you started. Focus on all of the other victories that you have had in the past. Take a look at all of the other people who have followed a similar program and if they can do it then you can do it. Most likely many of those people had more challenges upfront than you.

Second, you have to believe that it’s worth it. This is easy. First take a look at all of the immediate benefits you will receive from the program, Such as enhanced mood, sleep and mental focus. Second focus on all of the enjoyment you will receive out of the program. We will go more into this later, but you will find that the majority of people that are very successful and Fitness love what they are doing and do what they love. Finally, look at all of the long-term benefits he will receive in his program such as increased strength, improve muscle tone, improved athletic ability, longevity, and so much more.

So yes it’s worth it!

The next item that you must believe is that the program that you do will work for you. Here are a few pointers to enhance this belief. First perhaps you were doing a program that has worked before for you. Second, maybe this program has worked for someone else that you know or read about. Finally, maybe you used a fitness professional to detail out the program for you and you wholly believe in this persons expertise and therefore trust and know that the program will work.

With these three beliefs in place you are on your way to a successful training program.

In the next section we’ll discuss something vital to success in training and anything in life and that is discussing the energy that you bring to it. I cannot wait for you to understand this next.

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