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Intention and Training

With intention comes focus, with focus comes attraction power

You know how much more successful you are shopping when you know exactly what you want and can line all energies to go get it when compared to just floating around in the store or online. You’ll waste tons of time and not even get what you really want.

Therefore when it comes to optimizing training, you want to have a clear intention on what you want and how you want to feel. When you have these two factors clear, you set yourself up for rewarding results.

A little but powerful trick that I use is an intention journal. Before I train, I like to write in the journal what exactly I want from the training program and how I want to feel. I like to use descriptive words to get the feeling going. When I take the little bit of time to do this, it makes a world of difference every time.

You can set intentions to run with ease, to be stronger, to bike faster, to have fun, to feel alive, to do something better than ever before.

Whatever it is make sure that it is true for you what you truly want and how you truly want to feel.

I welcome you to give this a go. You can either write it out, speak it out or at least state it to yourself.

Set your vibration up ahead of time to get the most out of your workouts.

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