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Good Vibrations And Food

‘I’m picking up good vibrations’

Just like the 1966 version of “Good Vibrations” by The Beach Boys or the 1991 version by Marky Mark that I grew up with, it’s important that you have a good vibrations all around your meals.

The songs were about a different subject but the laws of energy are all the same.


This is a tip I have implemented lately. I noticed that while in India, those around me encouraged me to sit when I eat. I was in the habit of always standing and eating.

But, when I took a minute, slowed down and sat when I ate, I felt better. I was calm and peaceful while eating.

Now, I do the best I can to be mentally at peace while eating and drinking anything.

If I need to shut off the world around me for a few minutes, I do. I go into a serene state in my mind. Everything else can wait.

Your food will assimilate better when it’s at a pleasant mind space. Do your best to chill, relax, slow down, and be calm when you eat. If that means less time doing something else, then it’s fine. Carve out the extra few minutes to go to peace.

Side Note: When I am truly relaxed while eating, I seem to get my aha moments. I don’t know if this is normal but I sure like it!

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