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Focus on What Makes You Feel Good

Another key to staying in your happy place while eating is to focus on things that make you feel good.

It sounds simple but it’s very effective.

To feel good while you eat, it’s much easier to focus on things that bring joy then to try and solve your problems during meal time.

Problem Solving Hint: You can’t solve anything when thinking about a problem. The problem and solution are two separate vibrations.

Your solutions will come when you are in a pleasant state of mind. It’s the state that has access to your solutions.

That’s why solutions will pop in while in the shower, while driving, exercising, or doing something that puts you in a good mood while quieting your mind. The instant your mind goes quiet, the solution can slip right in.

Getting back to food, you want to be in a good vibration while eating so use whatever works. Think about your kids, your dog, your cats, your favorite people your favorite things to do.

While enjoying my food I like to contemplate my ideal future. Thinking “Wouldn’t it be great if…”

Things like that can make it very enjoyable. Or just enjoy the heck out of your food.

Did you ever see “What About Bob” where Bill Murray’s character is amplifying his appreciation for the home cooked meal that his doctors wife prepared?

Why not do that?

Here is the clip: (notice how the family loved it, but the lower vibing Doctor did not relate)

YouTube Video


As a final tip on feeling good, be sure to only watch and/or listen to media that makes you feel good while eating. This will be different for everyone but use what works for you.

Easy Hint: Don’t watch the news.

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