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Belief in Food Pt. 2

Belief in Your Food

Did you know that they have done tests where fake poison ivy made people break out with rashes? Did you know that fake surgeries healed people? They have even done studies where healthy protein shakes were giving to people with some being told that it was low calorie and others being told they were high calorie.

Guess what? Their metabolisms responded according to what they were told even though it was the exact same shake.

It was their belief that dictated their results.

If you think you are allergic to something, you’ll experience that. If you believe a certain food is beneficial, you’ll receive the benefits.

The bottom line is to eat and drink what you BELIEVE will help you achieve your results.

There is no reason to eat something that will make you feel guilty afterword. We will get into that more later.

Eat what you believe, let others eat what they believe. Both of you can be right if you believe in what you are doing.

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