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Appreciation in Training Works Wonders

Appreciate Your Training

Vibrationally speaking, appreciation is right up there with love. What you appreciate you experience more of. When you appreciate your body you will attract more things to appreciate about your body. When you appreciate someone you will attract more things to appreciate about that person and people in general. It goes for your training as well.

When you appreciate your training, your ability to train, the resources that you have to assist in your training and the results from your training, you will continue to experience more things to appreciate about your training.

Appreciation will always help you bring the best energy to your training. For example if you are going out to run, Appreciate that your body can run, appreciate that you have the space to run, appreciate how good it feels during and after the run, appreciate your ability to stimulate your body and your mind and breathe in the fresh air.

There is an endless amount of things that you can appreciate about your training.

I like to begin every training session by writing in my journal or speaking out loud about everything that I appreciate regarding the training session I am going into. Then on top of that I’d like to close the session by speaking out loud or writing out everything that I appreciated about the session.

When you are actively appreciating training and your body you are improving your relationship with training and your body and therefore will receive even better results from both.

When you appreciate your training especially, it makes you want to come back at do it again. It sparks your enthusiasm.

Just this tip alone can be a game changer for you and the results that you get from your training. Give it a chance and let me know how it works for you thank you.

In the next installment we will discuss something else that you can add to appreciation and that is the power of intention.

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