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How your Appreciation Affects Your Food

Set intentions With Your Food

Similar to training, setting clear intentions about what you want from your food and how you want to feel from the food beforehand can make a world of difference in the results that you receive.

This can be a simple statement out loud or to yourself. Or you can write it out.

I like to be clear about what benefits I want to receive from the food and how I want it to make me feel.

Maybe you want to strengthen your muscle, give you the energy for a great work day or to supply your hair skin and nails with the nutrients to shine. Use whatever is important to you.

I also like to add intentions such as feeling good, satisfied, energetic and clear minded.

Setting intentions will prime you to make the best decisions and align your vibration with the benefits of the food.

Appreciate It

You already know about the value of appreciation. If you remember anything from me, please take the time to focus on appreciation about everything. Particularly your food.

When you eat in a state of appreciation instead of fear, guilt, or other negative feelings, then you will optimize the results you receive from that food.

It has to be clear appreciation. If you are in a state of appreciation, you cannot experience others emotions at the same exact time. They are two separate vibrations.

In the same way people smother their chicken and mashed potatoes with gravy,I want you to smother your meals with Appreciation and go thick!

Think about how so many give thanks before a meal. Yes be grateful and really feel the appreciation. Get into the vibe.

Appreciate the look of the food, appreciate the tastes, smell, texture

Appreciate all of the benefits that this food gives you. I personally like to focus on this aspect the most. Think about how fortunate you are.

Appreciate all of the people that made that food possible. There are a lot of people between the farm and your plate, unless you grew it yourself.

Choose anything that gets you in the groove. Remember, what you appreciate then becomes more.

With appreciation, you are improving your relationship with food in general. You want to make food your friend.

In the next section we will go over more important items to feel the best you can about food and meal time in general.

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